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Window films are often referred to as "Solar Control" products. Much is said about their ability to reduce, reflect, or absorb solar energy, UV light, and near and far infrared radiation. What does this mean? To the layman there can be a lot of confusion regarding these terms. The following discussion and accompanying illustration will help provide an understanding of solar energy and how window films mitigate the sun's negative effects.

As the full strength of the sun can vaporize any substance known to man, it is fortunate for us that only 1/200 millionth of its energy approaches our atmosphere. About one-third of its energy is bounced back into space. Another 19% is absorbed by the atmosphere allowing only about 1/400 millionth of the sun's energy to actually strike the earth.

Solar radiation is a form of electromagnetic radiation. All such forms of energy can be expressed as a wavelength. The electromagnetic spectrum of solar energy as it bombards the earth is split into three bands by wavelengths; the ultraviolet (UV) band, the visible band, and the near infrared band.


The sun its energy are life-giving and necessary. However, the same sun that provides needed energy to earth also causes overheated living and work spaces, glare, fading, and high utility costs. Professionally installed window film goes a long way in solving these problems.

The UV band

(100-400 nanometers) is part of the spectrum that is the leading cause of fading for interior furnishings, carpets, and draperies. It also tans the skin, and can cause medical problems like skin cancer if exposure is excessive. The UV band makes up 3% of the solar spectrum.

The visible band

(380-780 nanometers) is the only part of the solar spectrum actually seen with our eyes, perceived as visible light. Solar intensity is strongest in the visible band and peaks in the green wavelength - the color of most things on earth. 44% of solar energy is visible energy.

The near infrared

(700-2400 nanometers) part of the spectrum is the heat band. It cannot be seen, but we experience it as heat. 53% of solar energy is near infrared.

Another band, the far infrared

is a tiny section beyond the near infrared region. While solar energy does not contain far infrared, you can feel it as heat that is re-radiated from objects exposed to the sunlight. Windows, furnishings, and even your skin will give off far infrared heat after absorbing solar energy.  

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