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Quicktint & Glass Replacement Services accepts Windshield Replacement claims from ALL insurance companies that use "LYNX SERVICES" for glass claims.

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Why should you do business with Quick Tint?

To answer that question you need to determine if you are looking for the best quality & value, or just the cheapest price. At Quick Tint we offer only the highest quality products, most extensive lifetime warranties and free mobile service. We do not offer after market, used, factory second or any product that we can't stand behind with our lifetime guarantee. We have a Arizona General Contracting License, a $1,000,000 insurance policy, and use only certified technicians to install our products.

Quick Tint has served over 14,000 customers and climbing! Quick Tint GOALS Our goal at Quick Tint is to provide hassle free, quality service on time, while delivering the highest value to our customers. To offer the cheapest price, we would have to sacrifice the quality and level of service to the people we are in business to serve. To us, that just doesn't make sense and we simply won't do it. Make the "RIGHT" choice by choosing Quick Tint! We are in the business of serving you! We are committed to fulfilling all of your glass needs. For more information, please contact us  


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(1) Won't my insurance rates go up if I put my claim in?

It depends on how your glass broke. Most of the customers have their glass break from a rock off the road, vandalism, or unknown reasons. If this is the case for you, your glass claim would fall under the comprehensive portion of your insurance - which doesn't raise your rates.

(2) Do you bill my agent or the insurance company directly?
We bill all insurance companies directly. Neither you nor your agent need to worry about temporarily footing the bill.

(3) Somebody vandalized my car. Is that covered by my insurance policy?
Yes, if you have full coverage on your car, than your insurance will cover your vandalism loss (minus the cost of your deductible).
Vandalism claims fall under comprehensive coverage, not collision coverage.
A vandalism claim is not considered your fault and will not raise your rates.

(4) Someone vandalized my car. Do I need to call the police and file a report?
No, most insurance companies take your word on vandalism claims and don't require a police report or a visual inspection.

(5) Do I need an adjuster from my insurance company to come out & look at my car before you fix it?
No, insurance companies don't require an adjustor for glass claims. We are on a network with all insurance companies and can help you handle the claims process. Once your job is done, your insurance company will pay us a rate that they set - no adjuster is needed

(6) How does my insurance deductible work?
Your insurance deductible is the portion of the payment that you are responsible for.
When your job is completed, you pay your deductible to the repair shop - and your insurance company pays the remainder of the bill. Most people have a lower comprehensive deductible than they realize and are able to save money by having us file a claim for them. Windshield replacement falls under the comprehensive portion of your insurance rather than the collision portion.

A cracked windshield does not reflect your driving ability and has no bearing on your level of risk to the insurance company.
Therefore the repair or replacement of your windshield will not influence your insurance premiums. Most people have the misconception that you should not file a claim out of fear that their insurance rates will go up.
Most auto glass damage is covered under the comprehensive portion of their insurance.
Comprehensive coverage is for claims that are considered "no fault" or an "act of God".
These claims do not affect your insurance rates like collision claims do.
Your rates will almost always increase when filing a collision claim.
This is because it was your fault and reflects a certain financial risk to carry you as a customer.

(7) How does my insurance deductible work if they broke my window and stole my stereo?
You only have to pay your deductible once - to whomever provides you the first service.
You are only responsible for your deductible once per incident,
and that's all you'll have to pay no matter how much damage was done to your vehicle.
We also are affiliated with a reputable Car Stereo Shop if you would like to have all your work done thru us.

(8) How much are you going to charge my insurance company?

Each insurance company works with us on a regular basis to set fair and reasonable rates. We charge all insurance companies a rate that they have individually negotiated with the glass industry.

(9) My Insurance agent recommended and said for me to use a shop he knows.

We do not recommend this as some agents receive a kickback from glass companies to send you there and this is not only against Insurance regulations but can infringe on being legal within some Insurance companies policy's. We recommend that you take the time and research your shop carefully yourself. As it is a "LAW" that you the insured may take your vehicle to any repair shop you choose to have your repairs completed.

(10) When I called into the glass network I have with my Insurance the customer service agent is advising or telling me to use their shop instead of the one I was going to use.

When you call a glass claims network to schedule auto glass service and get a referral or reference number, please remember that the auto glass network is LEGALLY PROHIBITED from steering you to a shop owned by that network.

(11) My Insurance company is saying that you are not part of their network and
that you will not give fair pricing if you are not part of their group.

Quick Tint Auto Glass is an authorized auto glass provider with electronic billing through LYNX services, Harmon Glass, Safelite and all other glass networks. This ensures your windshield or auto glass claim is processed and priced exactly according to "their" rates required by your insurance company. If they tell you this it is usually not so as we make every effort to keep updated with all Insurance companies. Unfortunately, most Insurance companies internally do not update their systems as accurately or timely as one needs too. Your Insurance pays us and sends us the check for your completed job & will not send us more than they have contracted with us to do on the job.

(12) My Insurance company is saying that you are not part of their
network and that you will not give their warranty that they offer.

We at Quick Tint takes pride in giving you the best service and glass and do offer a better lifetime warranty. (See warranty section on this site) Also with any Insurance company we are contractually obligated to fix or repair your vehicle as well thru them in or out of network.

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(1) Which areas do you service?
We service from as far west as Peoria/Glendale. As far East As Gold Canyon/ Apache Junction.
As far North As Cave Creek/Carefree. And as far South As Casa Grande

(2) When are you open?

Hours: Monday to Saturday 7:00am - 5:00pm Closed on Sundays

(3) Do you come to the car or do we come to you?

We provide mobile service, to your home or work.
You are also welcome to come into our state of the art facility we custom built to give you the peace of mind that your car will be provided the utmost quality service in a exceptionally clean shop.

(4) Do you charge extra for mobile service?
No, our mobile service is free for all of our auto glass replacement customers , whether cash or thru Insurance.

(5) Do you charge extra for weekend service?

We are opened on Saturdays and do not charge more for the as you will receive the same service you would otherwise receive from Monday to Friday. Be prepared to give us more time though on Saturdays as many people want this day. Advance appointments are greatly appreciated.

(6) I'm busy all the time. Can you come to my work?
We can come to your work or home, just let us know where you want us to do the work for you. Many of our customers drive their cars into work in the morning, and by the time they leave, we have taken care of their glass problem.

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(1) Can I drive the car right away?
No. This goes for all auto glass replacement companies. There is no adhesive available that allows you drive away the moment the installer is finished. The cure time for your windshield or back glass can be anywhere between one hour and a day - depending on the weather and type of urethane used. Ask your installer for specific cure times. Or you may pay a small fee to upgrade to a faster curing urethane if you need to drive sooner, however we recommend that you leave the windshield cure for at least 1 hour.

(2) How do I know your installers are qualified?

Your auto glass installation technician must understand the ins and outs of auto glass replacement. They must be familiar with the proper tools and methods of removal, preparation of the pinch weld, and the different adhesives available that will provide the strength to hold the windshield in your vehicle. They must also understand the proper methods to prevent leakage and/or rust around the pinch weld where the windshield will bond to the automobile. Our installers have as much as 25+ years of experience and have installed thousands of windshields. You can rest assured that your new windshield will be properly installed and your automobile will be restored to the factory specifications or better.

(3) Will you vacuum up the broken glass?

Absolutely! Don't touch that mess and risk getting cut. We'll vacuum up all your broken glass when we come out to do the job. We highly suggest to get rid of all of the small partials that you have a detail company professionally shampoo your cars interior seats and carpet to get rid of all of it. We have a great company that we can have this done for you as well while we have your car. Also complete custom professional detail can be done to give you that sparkling shine as well just ask us.

(4) Why is a cracked (or improperly installed) windshield dangerous?

(a) Your windshield prevents you from being ejected during an accident. The safest place to be during a car accident is in the car. Your windshield is an important barrier that keeps you in the car. If you don't replace your windshield a cracked windshield (or a poorly installed windshield) can fail during a collision or roll over, allowing you or your passenger to be ejected. A passenger ejected from a car or truck is much more likely to experience a serious injury or death. Cracked windshields expose the laminate that joins the layers of glass in the windshield, resulting in delaminating. It is this delamination that results in a dangerous reduction in the structural integrity of a vehicle.

(b). Your windshield is a "backstop" for your passenger side air bags. In nearly all new vehicles equipped with airbags, the passenger side airbag deploys upward and bounces off the windshield glass to protect the passenger in a crash. When the airbag deploys, it does so at 150 - 200 miles per hour. Needless to say, a cracked windshield lacks the structural integrity necessary to absorb the force of a deployed airbag; with the result that passengers may be ejected and injured or killed if the airbag deployment is deformed by the windshieldâs failure. In addition, an improper windshield replacement that fails will subject a vehicleâs occupants to the same risk of airbag failure as a cracked windshield.

(c). Your windshield supports the roof. An automobile's windshield is designed to prevent the roof from crushing you in a roll over accident. It's important to promptly replace your windshield because a cracked windshield will not meet any of the ANSI windshield performance and safety standards. Industry experts have estimated that windshields provide up to 70% of the structural integrity in a rollover accident. A cracked windshield may fail to support the roof if the car flips over, causing severe injury or death to occupants.

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Pricing and Payment:

(1) Does your price include everything?

When you are quoted a price that is the complete price you are responsible for plus tax. You will not get a new or different price during or after the installation. *Damage not seen or told us can incur additional cost to supply the parts and labor though.

(2) Do I have to be there while you do the job? How will I pay you?

No, you do not have to be by your car for us to do the job. You can pay us over the phone with a credit card (phone swipes do require an additional service fee of 5%), or we can work out other arrangements. We know how busy you are and want to accommodate you and make your life just that much easier. On some cars we do require to have you bring in your car to our shop so we may have access to additional manpower or parts as time restraints make this hard to do on some cars when mobile.

(3) What forms of payment do you accept?

Cash, Check or credit card through PayPal

(4) I got a price lower than yours. Why is that?

Like any other business, not all auto glass companies are the same. Sometimes we are the lowest, sometimes we are equal and sometimes we are higher. We are very confident with the service and product we provide to our customers. We do believe in great value. We will work hard to find a way to do your job and save you money. A lot of times we can significantly reduce what you pay by working with you and your insurance. One thing we avoid is unrealistic cut rate offers. Materials are required and these materials have cost. If you go too cheap you may lose sight of the actual product being delivered.

While it may be tempting to go with the cheapest glass company, ask yourself if you always go for the cheapest product when shopping. Did you buy the cheapest car possible? Would you buy the cheapest house on the market? Can you ever imagine buying the cheapest car seat for your child? Quality does matters, and it should to you as well. Most any business could save their customers some money if they are willing to cut corners. Cutting corners in this business is not necessarily a good or even safe way to go. We do not want to compromise the level of service provided or your safety. Remember, that "Sometimes the bitterness of poor quality and workmanship can loose its taste and appeal for the few dollars that you actually saved."

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(1) Do you only do windshields?

Besides repairing and replacing windshields, we also replace door, vent, and back glasses. We can replace any piece of glass in your car. We also are leaders in revolutionizing the auto window tinting industry by creating many of the current techniques currently being used throughout the World. We also specialize in House and Business tinting. We also have a full service sign company available to meet your complete signage needs. We carry many accessories for your car as well as complete Custom detailing. Please ask as we may have what you need or can recommend a quality service facility.

(2) Are there differences in the quality of glass?

There are over one hundred manufacturers of glass and yes they do very in quality. Most insurance companies are working closely with one specific auto glass manufacturer who also provide claims services for the insurance industry. One interesting thing about this network model the insurance industry has adapted to is that they use Safelite auto glass, which is not used by the automobile manufacturers. Another interesting point about Safelite auto glass network is they manufacture thier own after market glass. The Arizona state law regarding auto glass states that if you are putting in an inferior glass of this type you are to notify their customer prior to installation. Most cars that come off the assembly line use brands like PPG, Carlite, LOF,Mopar,Securit,Crymnex and various others as we do.

(3) Will the color of my windshield match my old one?

Yes, simply tell us what color you see in your windshield, and we will match it up

(4) Does your windshield come with the shaded band at the top?

Many windshields come both ways - with and without the shaded band. If you want the band, just ask and we will do our best to supply a factory one, or you can always add a aftermarket one thru us of your depth of darkness as well.

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(1) If I repair my chip in my windshield will it be like new again?

Fact : Although chips can be repaired they often will turn into full blown cracks requiring you to replace the windshield. If you choose to repair a crack do it right away to keep it from getting contaminated preventing the bond of the filler. When repairs are completed because of the intricate webbing in the damage there is a chance that your chip could still turn into a crack even after being repaired. This is in result of being able to visually fill most of the damage but the microscopic runs are sometimes hard to fill if you can't see them.

(2) Can I repair a chip in front of the drivers field of vision?

Some shops may allow you too do so but this is very dangerous as it can affect the safety of yourself and family. There are reported cases where the resin used ,when in the direct vision of the driver, has caused glare that can hinder your reaction time and cause an accident. For this reason we do not advise nor will repair a chip in this area. We recommend you replace it at this point.

We will gladly accept your existing claim or referral # because we connect electronically with ALL of the national auto glass networks.

We accept windshield replacement claims from Allstate, State Farm, American Family, Amex/Insight, Country, Met Life, Auto Owners, Farmers and all other insurance companies that use LYNX SERVICES¨, Harmon, Safelite and any other network for auto glass and windshield claims.

IMPORTANT INSURANCE NOTICE: Please call us @ 480-961-4611 in Metro Phoenix Area and outskirts of Phoenix at prior to submitting your claim to LYNX . We have an insurance specialist that will assist you to ensure your auto glass claim is processed correctly.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Quick Tint Auto Glass Warranty:

(1) Do you offer a warranty?

YES.Quick Tint offers all our customers a warranty.
We gladly give you the assurance that you have a warranty and are confident the job will be done right.

(2) What does your warranty cover?

We warranty against leaks and workmanship. Leaks: The glass, once properly installed, should have a complete seal around the perimeter of the glass. There should be a permanent bond between the glass and the pinch weld once the adhesive has properly cured. No air or water should be able to pass this seal. Workmanship: We warranty the quality of work our technicians provide. Your car should not be a mess when the job is done. It should look like the technician never came and your windshield never was broken in the first place. The main difference you will notice is the glass will be shiny and new.

(3) How much does the warranty cost?

Our warranty comes with every piece of glass, no extra charge. We believe that you should feel confident that you won't get stuck with an unsatisfactory job. We also believe you should not pay extra to get this assurance. We are confident that you will not need the warranty but it is there for you anyway.

(4) How long is the warranty in effect?

Our warranty is a lifetime warranty. Our warranty has you covered for the lifetime of your vehicle and/or as long as you own the car. In other words if we do the work you are always covered against leaks and workmanship.

(5) What does your warranty not cover?

(a) Leakage or damage caused by pre-existing damage to the window frame or pre-existing rust on the window frame. (b) Damage caused to your windshield by impact with foreign objects (rocks etc), vandalism, theft, accident or reckless conduct resulting in a broken windshield. 


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Our goal at Quick Tint is to provide hassle free, quality service on time, while delivering the highest value to our customers. To offer the cheapest price, we would have to sacrifice the quality and level of service to the people we
are in business to serve. To us, that just
doesn't make sense and we simply won't do it.

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